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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is ERP?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. The definition of enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company’s resources. ERP systems integrate all business management functions, including planning, inventory/materials management, engineering, order processing, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting and finance, human resources, and more.

What is the best ERP software for our business?

The answer of course is – it depends. The requirements of process and discrete manufacturing are different. A small business needs different functionality than a complex, multinational operation. Your industry may have specific compliance demands. And then you need to consider general IT issues such as ease of use, total cost of ownership, vendor stability, technology flexibility and ease of implementation. It is important to ask your proposed vendor these questions to ensure they address your unique requirements.

Where do you offer your software development services from?

We deliver our services globally andmultiple centers located at different major cities across India.

How Exactly team supports the product after implementation?

It is helps to provide on-time, on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located. We offer annual maintenance programs that include technical support for your ERP system, or we can provide technical support on an individual incident basis.

Do you offer website promotion or SEO?

Yes, we do. First, we compile a media-plan and then provide a complete range of website promotion services from market research to search engine optimization.

How many companies can be created in your Aarthplus Mandi Software?

You can create Unlimited number of companies in our software, there is No Limit for number of units you want to create.

What kind of organization need ERP software?

ERP software is considered to be a type of enterprise application that is designed to be used by business firms and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment. It is for a business like School management, Institute management, industrial business, telecommunication business, manufacturing business, hospitality business, pharma business etc.

What does custom software cost?

The cost of your software will depend on its complexity, systems to be integrated and support needed. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote.

Do you develop mobile apps for all platforms?

Yes, we build mobile applications for all major mobile development platforms – iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows Mobile.

How long does it take to have a custom software designed?

The approximate time-frame to develop any software depends on its type and complexity.
If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. To know the exact time-frame to develop your software, you can consult our experts and we will get back to you with all the answer.

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