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Digital Lab ERP Software Solution

Are you looking for the perfect ERP software solution for Digital Labs, but don’t know which one to pick? We’ve rounded up the best options for Digital Labs out there. No matter what kind of Digital Labs business you run—a few things are certainly constant: You’ve got clients to find (and keep track of), deadlines to juggle, and invoices to chase. If you’re looking for a clean, centralized way to stay on top of the demands of your business, Digital Lab ERP software might be the solution for you.

Why Digital Lab ERP Software Solutions?

Our approach is simple – when you succeed, we succeed. For over 20 years, Infoway’s ERP solutions for digital lab has been a name immediately recognized by photographers throughout the India. Our unique line of products and marketing materials, as well as our dedication to customer service, has helped us grow into the largest wholesale photo finishing lab in the country. Because of our experience and knowledge, we are committed to giving you the resources, tools and support to further grow your business.

Our Special Features

Job Management

Job Booking:

When customer gives his job to develop roll and printing it, software will allot a job number to manage that job with advance (if any).

Job Production:

How much print of job can be enteringhere; this option will supply information of number of prints to delivery counter.

Job Delivery:

When customer demand his job, just enter job number and you will get complete bill of customer in cash, credit or challan as we request.


Accounting is one of the main feature of aDigital Lab software. Infoway’s ERP software is manages all your accounts and gives it a high security. The accounts are managed in a systematic order.


With the help of Digital Lab ERP software you can manage the pricing accordingly the size, paper and ink for printing of photo and pricing is varyingfor every dealer.


Allow you to manage and create Sales Reports, Profitability Reports and allows you to make a Customizable report. This feature brings covers a wide range of topics.

Inventory Management

An inventory can be kept under strict supervision as well. It might be more useful for you than your clients, as you could come across some out of stock alerts when it is an emergency for your projects. So to spare yourself from any out of stock surprises you can take help from Reach Accountant as it will update your stock amount availability with the items used so you are alert beforehand.

Client Management

Every project needs to be managed in an order and Reach manages every project you take up in a systematic order. The expenditures, your pricing, billing, client dealing etc. You can also check its work progress on the dashboard so you know how much work is completed and how much profit you have already made.

Invoicing and Payment

This, unsurprisingly, is a favorite feature for many professional photographers. Making invoices is a simple process with Reach Accountant software. Turn all your bills into invoices in a simple process.


Workflows that keep track of what stage each project is at, and help the process along by automating tasks or reminding you when you need to do them. Most photography workflow software will offer template versions of workflows — many of them designed specifically with different photography gigs in mind — but will also allow you to tweak them to your liking, or build your own.

Schedule and Calendar Management

Infoway’s Digital Lab ERP can keep track of appointments and meetings, either through information input directly into the google calendar. With the help of this feature scheduling will make easier, help you be more prepared, and reschedule less because you’re avoiding any scheduling.

Gift Item Printing

There is no better way to show off your creativity as well as style than with gift item like greeting cards, Coffee Mugs, Frames etc. Digital Lab offers you a quality feature to maintain your Amazon Gift item sale. You can keep your Amazon Sale Account track with the help of Digital Labs ERP software solution.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

Divyam Printers, Bathinda

They provide us with a great solution where we can easily handle jobs, pricing, client management and many other features. Very easy to use Digital Labs Management Software. Highly Recommended

Bhagwati Colour Lab, Bathinda

As an owner of Digital lab in Ludhiana, I always want that my software should be easy to handle. And the digital lab management software provided by Infoway, s is really working well. They have developed website as well for my business.

Vahoo Colour Lab, Ludhiana

It was always difficult job for me to manage my digital labs jobs and as per my requirement these people have developed a very fine digital lab management software for my business. Thanks to Infoway India Solutions.

Frequenty Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What is Digital Lab software?

Digital Lab software records all your business activities by saving time and reducing manual work. Digital Lab software helps in billing, maintaining payments and due bills, customizing pricing models, schedule and calendar management, maintaining purchase and inventory efficiently. Digital Lab Software organizes all your business activities digitally without any errors.

2. Why do Photo studios need a Digital Lab Software?

Digital Lab software is a solution for billing, maintaining payments and due bills, customizing pricing models, schedule and calendar management, and accounting report generation. This ERP software helps you to maintain multiple outlets in a centralized manner. Digital Lab ERP software will do entire process from taking sales order to delivering it to a customer in an efficient manner. Using Digital Lab Software, you can keep multiple pricing of each product according to customer requirement and you can customize the service order at any time and price accordingly.

3. Benefits of using Digital Lab Software?

Having Digital Lab Software helps the stores to:

– Achieve high productivity with billing, purchase, sales, GST filing and accounting
– Avoid manual errors while making sales order and purchase order
– Add different categories of your album sheets in a matrix items without any complications
– Increase customer retention rates by sending SMS, Mail in a customized way to remind their special occasions
– Take decisions on the go by monitoring real-time business reports anytime from anywhere.

4. How to choose right Digital Lab software for Retail Photography Labs?

Before choosing a Digital Lab Software for your business make sure it has the following features:
– Complete track of your business sales, purchase, Accounting and financial reports.
– Loyalty management features to increase customer retention rate
– Keep track of all past and current communication made with customers, easily review customers booking and order history, important dates and milestones
– Integrate with online payment application to collect all the payments digitally
– Maintain matrix categories to add different set of sheets and design for album

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