Linux Solutions

Empower Your Online Presence with Linux!

Linux is a powerful open source operating system modeled on UNIX. From its humble beginnings, Linux has now grown manifold with over 1000 developers from over 100 companies involved in development and improvement of this robust operating system, which is found in personal computing devices, like desktops and laptops, wristwatches, mobile phones, supercomputers, and even New York Stock Exchange. The major advantage of Linux is its customizable features, since its core source code is openly available.

Infoway Makes Your Linux Journey Smooth!

Infoway is a complete Linux solutions provider with services ranging from advisory, consulting, planning, designing to implementation. Linux is best suited for networking environment since networking is built into the kernel. And we have mastered the art of deigning and implementing Linux based solutions for Internet and Intranet SME and Enterprise servers, as it can handle heavy loads of emails, browsing, database, applications, etc.

Our Linux Solutions

  • Advisory and consultation on Linux based IT solutions
  • Migration from Windows to Linux servers
  • Integrating Windows and Linux on a network
  • SME and Enterprise Server – installation, set up and management
  • Upgrades and maintenance of Linux systems
  • Onsite or Remote Server Administration Services
  • Remote installation, configuration and maintenance of Databases, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB/2 on Linux