Enfineering ERP

Engineering ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Units

In a world where cutthroat competition is the rule, manufacturing units need to be remain one step ahead of their competitors in ensuring efficiency and plan-implementation. Through Engineering ERP solutions, the manufacturers will remain well-equipped in managing their resources in a way that will keep their manufacturing processes updated with the required standards.

Infoway professional Engineering ERP development and implementation services ensure provision of dedicated implementation teams with rapid scale up and scale down model based on implementation requirements. With a combination of industry experts and technological leaders, Infoway leads in providing Engineering ERP solutions.

Infoway Engineering ERP – For the Core Industry

Engineering is one of the core industries, which is facing numerous challenges in the ever-evolving global economic and industrial environment. Infoway Engineering ERP solutions is a modest attempt to assist the engineering units in overcoming these challenges through the use of technology.

Advantages of Infoway Engineering ERP

  • Supports multiple manufacturing environments like Make-To-Order (MTO) and Make-To-Stock (MTS) using either a highly repetitive or process order based system, Engineer-To-Order (ETO), etc.
  • Integrates different manufacturing lines, like procuring raw material, actual production process, arranging finances, costing, inventory management, quality control management, human resource management, packaging and transport management, marketing, etc.
  • Entire Product Lifecycle management